VauHaus Agency: A space for ethical and dilligent creatives

In the fast-paced and often cold world of fashion and media, VauHaus Agency has created a unique space built by ethical and diligent creatives for ethical and diligent creatives. Now entering its 5th year, the agency has carved a home in Manchester – a city always known for its music, but now an ever-growing hub for a diversifying range of arts.

Model Aaron Calvert has been a signature face of the agency for the past three years. Known in Manchester for his style and natural afro hair, he has taken part in shows and campaigns for UK brands such as Fuud London, Emib Clothing and Westbeach Apparel. His inspirations hail from music icons such as Jimi Hendrix and Aphex Twin. He says, “I haven’t always been creative, but I have always had an interest in music. Living in Manchester has been a huge influence.”
As well as exercising self-expression through his modeling, Aaron is currently learning to record the work of underground bands. Although personal recording projects are not the focus at the moment, he hopes to progress to make his own music. “The creative people around me at the moment have had a big part to play in the enrichment of my confidence; I strive to do more, work for better brands, and to continually get myself recognized. To see creative people doing well gives me inspiration.”

After quitting his shift work for a large car manufacturer, Lloyd Holder joined VauHaus earlier this year. “I had tried numerous jobs and never truly felt happy, so wanted to better myself and live without regret.” Having always struggled with confidence, the challenges of putting himself out there in campaigns and crowded runway shows have given a life-changing boost to Lloyd’s confidence. The unapologetic positivity of those he has met and worked with was initially daunting, but subsequently inspiring. “The agency has played a major part, they have given me these opportunities to work with some amazing people. I literally take every opportunity to observe and learn, so that I can improve on myself and one day pass the inspiration on.”

Photography: Michael Kelly
Styling: Kayley Coppin
Models: Aaron and Lloyd  from VauHaus Agency
In exclusive for: The Flow House