Gio Pellicer, Spain, 1995: The Power of Illusion, Seduction and Desire

When did you start designing and how have you built your brand?

I started designing as a way to create and imagine characters when writing. I always loved poetry and stories – I wrote my first book when I was 18, and next month I am launching the second one, Los Amantes – but I felt partially empty when doing so because I needed somehow to come them to life and make those ideas ” visually tangible”.

This is the reason I launched Pellicer in December 2019. To me designing is not just being able to tell a story but to create a universe and inside of it, infinite galaxies and planets to get lost in. So is Pellicer — a library full of endless sections and exquisite books, like collections and garments, to dive and discover.

Which is the inspiration behind your debut collection ‘L’INSECTE’ Autumn Winter 2020?

The collection is inspired on the anatomy of different, intriguing yet beautiful insects translated into rare robes, corsets, matador trousers, crystal vests or tontillos.

Since I was a child, I felt fear and admiration for them – and it is just the same way I felt about fashion design. So, I decided to create my debut collection by admitting and embracing that fear, to create something poetical and beautiful through it.

What fascinates you about fashion so much?

The power of illusion, seduction and desire – and how it can change someone’s personality just by what are they wearing at the moment.

What are your biggest sources of inspiration?

Scientific and LGBTQI+ history, the contrast of Asian and Mediterranean culture, Jean Cocteau, the photography of Peter Hujar are a constant of inspiration. I really believe that anything can be a source of inspiration if you look the right way at the right moment.

For which brand would you like to design?

I would love designing for Mugler.

Circular fashion and sustainable (fashion) models are highly important. How does your brand incorporate such strategies?

Pellicer, as a small premium brand, is committed with maximum quality and, obviously, the Earth. For this reason, I am consciously involved in the entire creation process: from conceptualization to the ultimate execution – ensuring the standards and perfect finishing in the garments. We manufacture them locally, valuing the artisan process, and shipping them worldwide (plastic-free).

I also select the best national and international fabrics for our designs, using natural, organic and sustainable fibers as much as possible. Moreover, all our garments are made to order, which not only allows us to tailor the orders but also to reduce waste by not overproducing.

What advice do you have for young men who are dissatisfied with themselves and have doubts about their physical appearance?

We live in a society where the image is undoubtedly important, but who establishes and decides which physical appearance is correct?
I find beauty in rareness. Being ugly can make you the most beautiful and unique, you just have to look at you the right way.