You are political

You are political. From the moment, you’re born. There is nothing outside of that. 

Your birth gave you citizenship. And if that didn’t happen, you’re stateless and your existence is even more political.

You being born was a political act. And ever since then, you’ve been acting politically. What you eat, what you wear, the places you go, who you talk to, what you know. These things are all political. You are a cloud of qualities and actions in the world.

You don’t even need to fight for the political. It’s already here! You have it – it’s at your disposal. You can use it.

Two short lines that cross over one another. What you are and want, are things that you can condense – knot the cloud together and tie up your will. Not everything that makes you, you, has room in this cross. But you have the chance to set priorities and provide the essentials. 

A choice is probably the largest, actual existing abstraction. Over 500 million Europeans are eligible to vote. They fold together what they want and are while channeling the essence in an abstract system that has lasting consequences. Crosses. Lines. Livelihoods. But living in a digital age, it doesn’t seem to surprise anyone.

Let yourself be represented. Demand the politics that you’re entitled to.

On 26 May are the European elections.