wonder boy

It’s what you’ve done with your time, how you’ve chosen to spend your days, and the friendships you’ve made. A wonder boy story with Cyrus Amini – shot by Iulia Matei, directed by Karim Coppola and styled by Sébastien Hernandez-Bertrand.

Creative Direction: Karim Coppola
Photography: Iulia Matei
Styling: Sébastien Hernandez-Bertrand
Model: Cyrus Amini (MP Paris)
Make Up Artist: Eva Petit (Guapas Paris)
Brands: House of the Very Island’s, De Furscac, Savoar Fer, Tie Kim, Joa Chia, Hyun Mi Nielsen, Armine Ohanyan, PublishedBy, Shura Gang
In exclusive for: The Flow House