Timeless design with OFF-WHITE and IKEA

When it comes to design, Virgil Abloh is the man of the moment and the hype just seems to go on and on. The trained architect has been collaborating with business after business and now it is no other than the Swedish furniture giant IKEA. Not much has been revealed about the cooperation, however, the first products serve as teasers. The collaboration was announced at the Democratic Design Days 2017 and Virgil, the known workaholic, surprised everyone present with the first product: the classic IKEA bag! Alone a cult object in its entirety is reinvented by the OFF-WHITE founder, in that he projects IKEA’s “Do-it-yourself” attitude onto the bag.

Towards the end of last year, it continued with circulating photos. A paisley patterned rug, which was labeled “KEEP OFF”, was Virgil’s new prank. This year, the internet hype was also driven by photos of a bright red carpet. The inscription this time: “BLUE” in, well, blue.

The pieces should be made affordable, thanks to the IKEA deals of his young following because he envisions two to three pieces of simplicity surrounded by the very first apartment of a young adult. In addition, he claims that as an architect he strives to create something that appeals to everyone.

His last wish, as he says, will never be achievable. With his observation of modern designs, however, he has hit the bull’s eye: A well-furnished apartment is more realistically achievable through a minimum amount of statement pieces that lie at the center as a composition of numerous but flawless furnishing entities. Timeless designs and consumption are antagonists. This is an everlastingly important perception. Thank you, Virgil.