The Body of a Car

Cars have always represented a symbol of transformation, not only because of the intrinsical capacity of the vehicle itself to bring you from a place to another but because of the relation established between the autonomy of a grown teenager and the experience of driving a car for the first time. Coming of age stories may always relate the hero with a car, such as Saoirse Ronan’s Lady Bird character. Transformation and traveling are two keywords for those who are interested in youth and the end of childhood – illustrated by the body of a car. Teenage years and troubles fill the lyrics of Guillermo Aznar alter ego Willyfoger, and follow us our entire life. A story shot by Diego Hernández – in exclusive for The Flow House.

Photography: Diego Hernández
Styling: Carlos Molina
Model: Guillermo Aznar
Brand: Calamidad Vintage
In exclusive for: The Flow House