The first time we met, we did not have anything in common. It was in a weird place, without any connection to each other. He was a stranger to me.  What did we think about each other? How did we feel? The years flew by and now we’re standing in the same apartment,  still different, yet no strangers anymore. Our insecurities made us understand who we are and how we can be stronger together. An exclusive The Flow House-editorial, shot by Alizée Omaly, directed by Karim Coppola and styled by Sébastien Hernandez-Bertrand.

Creative Direction: Karim Coppola
Photography: Alizée Omaly
Styling: Sébastien Hernandez-Bertrand
Models: Romain (16Men), Hugo (16Men)
Make Up Artist: Eva Petit (Guapas Paris)
Brands: Savoar Fer, Shura Gang, De Fursac, Armine Ohanyan, Maticevski, House Of The Very Island’s, Yie Kim, Quoï Alexander, Nicola Indelicato, Caralarga,
In exclusive for: The Flow House