Sex Education Is Not A Threat

“Non-binary”, “trans”, “gay” – have you ever heard your teachers pronouncing these words? If yes, you might be a lucky one. In most countries, sex education has no place at school, and if so, it does, in particular, refer to a biased heterosexual image of human beings. In Poland, a member state of the European Union, it is not allowed to teach sex education to children and educate them on important questions related to their identity and sexual orientation.
This story shall portray the lack of sexual education in Polish (and other European) schools – illustrating a non-binary student that tries to find the right balance between sensations, feelings, exploration, fear and fun. They look for answers that cannot be find on their own. Left alone, in a classroom, without any support. Thinking about the struggle caused by the first experience – nobody told them that with fun emotional and social challenges would appear. Sex Education is a human right and our governments, no matter if in Poland or elsewhere, should make sure that students get access to unbiased education on sex, gender, questions related to identity.

Photography: Alice Nowicka
Styling: Daria Patrycja
Model: Kacper Araszewski
Hair and Make-Up: Sandra
Typography: Aga Kotowska
In exclusive for: The Flow House