Renaissance à la Alessandro Michele – a fashion designer beyond Gucci

Alessandro Michele

There are three designer names that you must remember for the upcoming season: Demna Gvasalia, Gosha Rubchinskiy and Alessandro Michele. The Flow House has extensively talked about the first two. But it is precisely Alessandro Michele, who has stirred up the fashion scene. He began his career at Fendi, went to Tom Ford and now has become the creative director at Gucci. A man who not only understands the fashion of the 21st century, but also greatly influences it.

Alessandro Michele does not belong to the category of designers that only show their faces twice a year and otherwise remain hidden from the public eye. Whenever Michele is somewhere, all eyes are on him. This Italian man knows how business works and has, thanks to his talent, made many friends in Hollywood, including Jared Leto and Elton John. After taking on the leading role at Gucci, the fashion house is overflowing with excellent reviews. A lot of critics praise his courage to have “renewed” the Italian label and thus still to have preserved the tradition of the brand. Michele’s style is strongly influenced by the Renaissance and Baroque, as he lives and loves these periods (his Jesus inspired hairstyle and his Instagram account are proof enough). Though everything he designs and wears has a vintage flair, it seems as modern as ever. He possesses the talent to connect the old with the new, incorporates the historical with the modern and allows a style, that only would have been worn 300 years ago, to become contemporary. This talent is what makes Michele so successful and has brought Gucci back to its initial strength.

The in Rome living designer stands for a generation of artists and fashion designers that have taken a chance to be extravagant but never lose class or elegance. Exactly such designers are needed in our world today. In that sense – let yourselves be influenced by Michele, Rubchinskiy, Gvasalia & Co this fall/winter, because such influences are exceptional. Karim

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