Who is Pierson? An exclusive editorial shot by Esteban Bonilla and underlined by an interview with the model and designer – in exclusive for The Flow House.

The Flow House: Where are you from? 

Pierson Williams: I’m from North Hollywood.

TFH: At what age did you start modeling and what inspired you to get involved?

P: I started modeling at the age of 22 – I did a photoshoot for fun with a friend and I felt really comfortable in front of the camera. So, I tried to take it to the next level.

TFH: What have been your favorite campaigns so far?

P: My favorite campaigns have been with Nike, Spiritual Gangster and Jefferey Star.

TFH: Besides modeling, where else do you find yourself investing your time?

P: I spend a lot of time on my jewelry line called “AWARE”.

TFH: Do you have any words of advice for anyone who is just getting into the fashion industry?

P: I would say don’t compare your look or your route to everyone else’s. Be yourself and know that there are going to be some people who don’t like you or what you do – but there will be more who do.

Photography: Esteban Bonilla
Model: Pierson Williams (Next Management)
Styling: Cara Cooper
In exclusive for: The Flow House