Other Masculinities

A story that begs the question what is the truth of masculinity? Does this really exist? An exploration of how this old notion is being reshaped by today’s youth.

Juxtaposing the traditionally attributed gender stigma that separates us in a illusory binary way. On the one hand, the “rude” appearance of a tough man, and its opposite, the hypersensitization and sexualization appearance considered as feminine.

With the new non-traditional direction of current collections, have we come to a place in modern culture that is capable of asking why not?

We want to show how vulnerability and strength can coexist in unity in the body and capture this powerful moment in time where there is no division but freedom to choose. An exclusive The Flow House-story shot by Lia Bangart.

Photography: Lia Bangart
Styling: Molly May Taylor
Model: Billie Dellios
Hair & Make-Up: Jana Reininger
Set Design: Maddie Hunter
Retouching: Nina Duque
Assistance: Jude Forster
Brands: Matilda Adberg, Christoph Ritter, Cecile Tulkens, Alice Made This, Northskull London, Alighieri, Samson Leoung, Alejandra Munoz, Elissa Poppy, Carlota Barerra, Brian De Carvahlo, ELLYBECHFORD
In exclusive for: The Flow House