How little is your outfit worth?

There’s a new format on Youtube that, when it comes to clicks, is going through the roof: “How much is your outfit worth?” Known videos are filmed everywhere: in London, New York, Paris and so on. “The Unknown Vlogs” is the name of the founder, who films fashion-conscious teenagers and young adults with his camera. Some even present themselves directly in front of the camera: “Hoodie: 1500”. Ah. “Sweatpants: 1200”. Ok. “Sneakers: 300”. Wow. The adding is merely done for the viewer: 3000. After having presented your outfit, you’re seen off with either an acknowledging “dope, man”, or given a high five from the Youtuber. Jaden Smith, Heron Preston, Luka Sabbat as well as Ian Connor have all been a part of the lot.

Somehow, I really have to admit, it’s frigging entertaining to watch some 16-year-old kid wearing a 4000-euro leather jacket. On the other hand, I find it quite alarming, Youtube is the medium for kids nowadays. In 1968 Smith and Engel figured out that test persons considered cars to be faster (yes, faster) if an attractive woman was to be seen with the vehicle in the commercial. That’s what you call classical conditioning: you associated two completely separate stimuli with one another because they’re featured together. Now enough with the shop talk – what does any of this have to do with expensive outfits? Well, there is a risk that if teenagers want to educate themselves about fashion and see that the price is what matters, then they’ll perceive fashion to be more aesthetic because it’s more expensive. And that of course, is bullshit. You’re well advised to ask yourself, while unaware of the price tag: “How much is the piece worth to me?”. Especially at a young age, when money is less at your disposal.

I am in no way calling for a boycott of this show, am rather a huge fan of formats that present men’s fashion creatively. However, I’d find something along the lines of “How little is your outfit worth?” just as interesting. A wow-effect, because someone was able to put together a fashionable look for 50-100 euros, is just as imaginable to me. And that makes it even more inspiring. Just because outfits are expensive, it doesn’t mean that they’re better than cheaper ones. Right?