Kaizen: From Culture to Quality

Kaizen, pronounced “kayssen” with stress on the second syllable, is a Japanese word and way of thought. It means change for the better. This is firmly anchored in the Japanese labor value and is used for the product and production process, which also reflects itself in the quality management of the far easterners. The Total-Quality-Control is implemented in their businesses. This means that the quality, of a piece of clothing, for example, should be permanently established in every step. This differentiates itself from the otherwise willingly implemented spot checks.Why is this important? Fashion from Japan is especially high quality for this precise reason. In addition, creative designs, because Japan is filled with fashion enthusiasts. Is Japanese fashion still foreign to you? Then it’s time to briefly present to you, our favorite brands from the land of the setting sun.


Cav Empt
The name is the short form of “Caveat Emptor” and is Latin for “Attention, Shopper!”. This exclamation arises from a Sci-Fi novel and is a program for: futuristic prints and patches meet London inspired streetwear pieces and popular silhouettes.

Jun Takahashi designs what urban Japanese people love: dark, punky, and rebellious. Newer collections experiment with cuts. If you can’t imagine that this guy actually knows what he’s doing, then let it be said that his first runway collection launched in 1994.

Needles has also specialized in a different Japanese passion, namely Americana. Keizo Shimizu’s aesthetic is therefore western, military and rough. Throw that in a mixer with the 70s and 80s sportswear and that’s pretty much what the Needles collection looks like.

Although the above-mentioned brands seem very different at first glance, what they all have in common, is that they’re produced in Japan. The final results are correspondingly high-quality. We can only recommend having an overview of the Japanese fashion scene: Due to their enormous versatility, there’s something in it for anyone (male or female). Through their fine make, the pieces are predestined for longevity and count as real investment pieces. Arigato for reading!