A splendid day at Hôtel Providence. We embrace the crystal beauty and breathe the luxury of being together. An exclusive The Flow House-story shot by Benoit Auguste, styled by Sabine Groza and directed by Karim Coppola.

Photography: Benoit Auguste
Editor-in-Chief: Karim Coppola
Styling: Sabine Groza
Hair: Nelson (using Bumble and Bumble)
Make-Up: Hicham Ababsa
Models: Ismael (16men Paris) & Josef C. (M. Management)
Brands: Dries van Noten, Fumito Ganryu, Arturo Obegero, Errant, Theo Venturelli, Meyer, Agnelle, Damowang, Kiliwatch Paris, Ets Legeron, Hélène Zubeldia, Valenttin Peron, Monies, Le Calcéophile, Marianna Ladreyt, Paolo Chulia, Steven Passaro, Dr. Martens
In exclusive for: The Flow House