You see them and they look completely different. What do they have in common? This editorial is about Robin and Jack and explores masculinity and friendship. It shows the progressive male attributes like dependence, nurture, introspection and emotional vulnerability. He can be affectionate and expressive. He can be quiet and introspective. They can be friends. No longer are we adhering to the created and perpetuated idea of traditional masculinity and friendship that prevents a man from truly being himself. A story shot by Ayesha Najma Musaliar.

Photography: Ayesha Najma Musaliar
Styling: Emma Bundy
Models: Robin Shrestha (Storm Models), Jack Price
Hair & Make Up Artist: Tomoaki
Brands: Chloe Scott, Coline Gauthier, Robert Newman, Atelier Jen
In exclusive for: The Flow House