11 Questions for Sébastien Blondin

Sébastien Blondin

The Flow House met the fledgling designer Sébastien Blondin in Paris and talked with him about his own brand, the challenges in the fashion industry and the upcoming fashion trends.

Sébastien Blondin

The Flow House: When did you create your brand?

Sébastien: I launched my brand in January 2011.

TFH: What was the idea behind it?

S: I wanted to propose my own vision of men’s fashion codes. I wanted to create something new that would bring the urban world of men’s fashion a step further

TFH: What kind of man should wear your brand?

S: All kinds of men! We don’t make a fashion brand for a single kind of man: it’s very important to propose some items and be as open-minded as possible. The brand is for men, who like wearing delicately tailored clothing

TFH: Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

S: Travelling around the world! There are “classic travels” – the discovery of landscapes and architectures – and “emotional travels”, which are those of my personal life. I want to include both in the SS18 collection. Especially my last trip to the USA and overcoming difficulties in life.

TFH: What are your suggestions for young designers who want to found their own brand?

S: Their concept, the fabrics and colours should be well thought out while calculating the production and sales costs. Additionally, they should be able to identify a target group and have a good PR-strategy. This means that the brand has to have a solid Social Media presence. The designer should be willing to risk things while knowing when it’s time to play it safe.

TFH: Where is the production of your clothes based?

S: In France.

TFH: The importance of the fashion weeks, especially Paris and Milan, are unquestioned. Do you think that it is mandatory for a designer to show her/his collection in Paris or Milan?

S: No, not at all. New York, Tokyo and London have some great fashion weeks as well. It really depends on where a brand is based.

TFH: What are the difficulties you are faced with?

S: The late payments of customers and businesses, which is very annoying. A further challenge is the rhythm and speed of the fashion world. As soon as a collection is sketched and presented, one immediately has to think about the next one. There is no time to catch a breath.

TFH: What are your three favourite trends of 2017?

S: Structured shapes, powerful colours and “hybrid fashion”.

TFH: What does fashion mean to you?

S: Confirming who you are and what you love.

TFH: What plans do you have with your brand?

S: I’m going to launch an online shop soon and I’m trying to find new investors.


Thank you for the interview. Karim